Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pancake day

Pancakes, Pancakes! (Pixies)

You know it is pancake day when you have to buy a new pan, (tefal this time) because you can't bear to see the kids eat another scraped offfering from the old stick pan again, the ones you have to soak overnight to get the burnt bit off the bottom. You hold onto them still for emergency's. I never know why I hold onto them though as I have never had a pan emergency..still time though, so back in the cupboard they go.
 So you go out and you buy a non-stick one. Or you get someone else to go like I did... because if you like a good non-stick toss to your pancake then a non-stick pan is the only way to go.
That is why in the supermarkets the lemons are next to the frying pans for a good month throughout February.
Do not go for the pancake mix, it tastes vanillary and it goes thick in the pan and you are left with a claggy mess rolled up in the centre of your new non-stick pan.
Get some flour, (100gms) throw in a dash of salt, 2 eggs and half water(155mls) half milk (155ml)until it is quite runny. If it is runny it makes a better pancake.

So a big no no! for old pans, shop pancake mix and not having your homemade pancake mix runny enough!

Easy pancakes

Pancake day is more than 1000 years old and the idea behind it is that it was the way to get rid of the leftover scraps.
They must have got rid of all the pigs about this time, because it seemed we had to start eating the left overs.
Well actually the pigs were long gone by this time and we had to eat all the left over eggs, flour, sugar in time for lent to begin on Ash Werdnesday, which is tomorrow folks!
So eat your fill, because tomorrow your on a fast for lent!  gulp.

At least now pancake day is out the way we know that Easter is around the corner, and that means yummy eggs again, only chocolate this time. The supermarkets as ever are way ahead, they have had creme eggs in since Dec!

'My pancakes too thin! I shouldn't have to put up with this crepe!'
Why Wait for Shrove Tuesday? Eat Pancakes Every Day