Monday, 10 March 2014

OMG! Library at bus stop! Readers Heaven

 The next time you think of going anywhere by bus, make sure it is not a bus stop that has a library within it!
Why? you ask, What a cool idea! 
Because you would never get to where you are going, that's why.
You would be stuck at the bus stop like these crazy but lucky folk, resembling Forrest Gump for the whole day!

Crazy idea having libraries at a bus stop? Or genius. 

I would love it. It would have to be waterproof, and possibly the reason it has yet to travel to the UK.
I best double check this is a true fact. Yes apparently you will only find one in a country that is warm. boooo, how weatherist!
I am sure they could accommodate the shelter making it durable enough for heavy rain. 
They would however need a librarian or assistant, due to the fact that I feel it needs to be locked at the end of the day due to a select few who might ruin it for the rest of us with graffiti or damage.
Great idea but it would never take off ? I hear you think.
Well it is in various countries and is successful already!
'True fact copy cat!'
Imagine a library where there are no due dates and no librarians telling you to be quiet. 
Israeli artists have developed a new model for the urban library: a free bus- stop library for commuters and travelers of all ages. 
Daniel Shoshan, an installation artist and lecturer at the Israel institute of technology started this new public library concept figuring that people sometimes have a long wait at bus stops.
(They do if they live near me, they take forever, and then they all come at once) ha
The rules and motto: You take, you return, you can add!
And people do! They are only to happy to.

A series of bookshelves started to be erected throughout Israeli cities. The idea is that anyone may take a book from the shelf, read it, take it on the bus to read, return it once read at another stop or the same one. No due dates, no late fees, no rules, and it works!
Wait in line at the bus stop, shuffle through a few books, and take one with you on the bus. The idea would not only increase literacy rates in communities, but also serve as a new way of connecting people. They would certainly not be bored anymore waiting for a bus. No more when is the bus getting here mum? Not when they have learned to appreciate books and look forward to reading through this experience. 
As the citizens are monitoring it themselves, they keep it going with very little negative points. They are happy to add to it,and find out how far their book has travelled! This is a genius idea and should be marketed worldwide. It could help disadvantaged areas as well. It all looks positive as the neighbourhood is caring for it. What is there to lose? A few books over a year perhaps? Or more books from our homes that we are all to glad to get rid of. Get this idea worldwide is what I say!
As long as everyone is willing to give (books) then this a positive and enlightening experience that must be acted upon. 

and if they can have books at a bus stop, why stop there? Have them in a phone box for example (an unused one) you could not be doing with wrestling and balancing books while pumping in your number into a public phone box. 
Not very practical.
It was hard enough trying to wedge myself and my child, the buggy, the zillion bags of shopping while looking through my diary for my home telephone number! Well... who knows their own telephone number these days when stressed. That's another story blog .....

Imagine your own library in your front garden! These are becoming so popular now 
Find out more from little free library in your own neighbourhood by clicking on this link.