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Dr Seuss Day

Written by Karen Emma Hall for Kid Literature.

 March 2, would have been the 111st birthday for Theodore Seuss Geisel.
and this date has been adopted as the annual date for National Read Across America Day, an initiative on reading created by the National Education Association.
And who is Theodore Seuss Geisel?
Who indeed! only the biggest Who from Whoville and none other than
Dr Seuss himself!
We all know and love him
by that well loved, well searched
 kid literature name Dr. Seuss.
Dr Seuss is a children's literature pioneer and icon for inspirational resources, books and quotes. If you love kid literature then you know it will not take you long to come across this genius, who knew how to speak kid language. And as we at Kid Literature know, our quote be stand by on all of our platforms is 'Someday you all will be old enough to read kid literature'.

 Born March 2, (1904 – September 24, 1991) Theodore Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. was an American writer and cartoonist. He was most widely known for his children's books, which he wrote and illustrated under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss. He had used the pen name Dr. Theophrastus Seuss in college and later used Theo LeSieg and Rosetta Stone. His works lay claim to  feature films and television adaptations. He won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1958 for Horton Hatches the Egg and again in 1961 for And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. Geisel also worked as an illustrator for advertising campaigns, and a cartoonist for a newspaper. During World War II, he worked in an animation department of the United States Army.

Geisel published 46 children's books and he decided that the boring, samely 'Dick and Jane' series was so boring that he wanted children to read something, that would make them WANT to read.

 "I have great pride 
in taking Dick and Jane 
out of most school libraries," 
he said. "That is my greatest satisfaction."

 In 'Green Eggs and Ham' Bennett Cerf, Dr. Seuss' editor, bet him that he couldn't write a book using 50 words or less. The Cat in the Hat  was so simple it was the required magic ingredients that was so sought after whether the world knew it yet or not. .
Keep it simple stupid (KISS) was applied and there you go - 50 words of simplicity, albeit genius. The children of the world were in for a fun, magic surprise.
These imaginative characters, and the way the rhyme was put together, was what changed the way everyone thought about children's books. All of a sudden the kid literacy world looked to be light years ahead of the  'Dick and Jane' books (or in the UK, where I am from, the equivalent was the 'Janet and John' books).
How it made them feel when they could steer their feet in this direction and see the places they could go!
It made small children enjoy reading, it made adults think.

Imagine writing 50 words and spending a year on that book!
Well Dr Seuss being the perfectionist he was, did just that. He also had been known to throw out all of his work if he was not 100% completely satisfied! Imagine nearly finishing your book if you will, and then something isn't right so you throw it out. No cutting out paragraphs and chapters, (which is hard to do) just throwing the lot away! How hard is it to let go of a character or 2, but imagine binning the lot!
Yes, let's use a lot of exclamation marks true Dr Seuss Style!!!! The man was a fool! He had to be!
No! he was a genius.
It can be a fine line between the two, in any generation, but maybe they can go hand in hand as he certainly got it right.
That was Dr Seuss.

Included; Green Eggs and Ham,
The Cat in the Hat,
 The Lorax,
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish,
 The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins,
 Fox in Socks,
The King's Stilts,
Hop on Pop,
Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose,
Horton Hatches the Egg,
Horton Hears a Who!
and my favorite of all How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

I recently put this Picture post up from the film The Grinch, in reply to someone's comment under my Dr Seuss Day celebration post and the comment was in reference to something they would like to do to Dr Seuss and I can only imagine it was in reference to his old stereo-type cartoons he did for a magazine, long before he became famous.
But I like to look at the positive and it far out-ways any negative. Why search out flaws among all that is good? He did actually publicly apologise if he had used racial terms in those bygone days, which is a very admiral thing to do.  I like to think of Dr Seuss as the Grinch who famously apologized in the book and film.

What marvelous work he did for children's literature, and to get children reading and enjoying books. Who could re-create that? a few but not so many..and wait, there is more! Oh Yes he is not done!

 A recently "found" Dr. Seuss book called "What Pet Should I Get?" will be released on July 28.
When they announced the news that  they were to get this gift from Dr Seuss from beyond the grave so it seemed,  the literacy world turned into whoville with  genuine whoville town collaborative exclamation intake of breath. Even outdoing  the news about Harper Lee's first new book in half a century to be published this yer in July 2015
The full text and illustrations of “What Pet Should I Get?” were found by Geisel’s widow, Audrey, while she was re-doing their home shortly after the author’s death. It was believed he had worked on this late 1950's, early 60's. She put them to one side along with other and forgot out them, only to re-discover them gain in 2013! wheew , so pleased she did.

Come along for #DrSeussday #DrSeuss March the 2nd 2015! Celebrate his Birthday with us. You need to rhyme and rhyme in time. Rhyme in time, we all look fine!

Come along for #DrSeussday #DrSeuss March the 2nd 2015! at Kid Literature! Celebrate his Birthday with us.
                 You need to rhyme 
                 and rhyme in time.
                  Rhyme in time
                 we all look fine! 24 years after his death, a new Dr. Seuss manuscript has been found
Read all about Dr Seuss and that re-discovered manuscript .https://www.p/

I love Dr Seuss as he is an inspiration for literature and once you read his quotes and his books it is not hard to see how he is so loved by all world wide.
And I  love to make my own stories and books rhyme. I find the rhyme comes easy... so now to write it all down ... I have a funny cat rhyming illustrated book out soon. In ebook, then print.

Why not be creative and make a mess, the Cat in the hat would like that the best!
 the Grinch, the cat, the thing and the hat, you will soon be found singing, i think I'd like that!  

All of these picture posts below and the activities and the fill with colour art sheets
 are up all day today on  Pinterest with Kid Literature  
and kidliterature facebook and kid literature on twitter
  plus there are so many more fun pages to enjoy reading and drawing in!
Go see, there are places you could go! 


Why not be creative and make a mess. The Cat in the hat would like that the best!

                                                                            Read on to get to more Seuss Juice.... 

Carmela Dutra has her blog on Dr Seuss today also!
Please go here to read it. It is a whole lot fun!
A blog for your thoughts by Carmela Dutra  

                                                        Neil Gaiman reads Dr Seuss.

Information found on the web about Dr Seuss day.  Across America people are joining in with this party. All branches of the Mesa Library are hosting Dr. Seuss birthday parties with games, crafts, stories and treats from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Monday, March 2. Find the free event at Mesa's main library, 64 E. First St.; Red Mountain Library, 635 N. Power Road; Dobson Ranch Library, 2425 S. Dobson Road and the Mesa Express Library, 2055 S. Power Road, Suite 1031.

Details go to
 Eat green eggs and ham. On Saturday, March 7, the Outlets at Anthem hosts a Cat in the Hat Breakfast from 8:30-10:30 a.m. On the menu: green eggs and ham, hash browns, juice and milk. The Cat in the Hat will appear to read books and take photos with kids. Breakfast is $5, and proceeds benefit the Deer Valley Education Foundation. Tickets can be purchased at the customer-service counter.

Details: 4250 W. Anthem Way, Phoenix;

Hear "The Cat in the Hat." Barnes & Noble bookstores are hosting children's storytime at 7 p.m. Monday, March 2 as part of Read Across America Day. At Barnes & Noble at the Scottsdale Fiesta Shopping Center, Desert Ridge Marketplace, Metro Center and Tempe Marketplace, storytellers will be reading Dr. Seuss classics such as "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" "Green Eggs and Ham," and "The Cat in the Hat."

 Buy a book. Dr. Seuss books are on sale right now! Simply google any book into the search bar and press shopping, or go to Amazon, link here > amazon Dr.-Seuss or any bookstore to get copies of hardcover classics including "The Cat in the Hat," "Green Eggs and Ham" and many more.

 Read more about Geisel/aka Dr Seuss and his legacy at

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The old and the new books on the same bookshelf.

Have you ever found yourself looking at the mountain piles of books in your child's bedroom (or yours for that matter) and wondered where you could store them so you could fit some new ones in?
It's ideal if you have plenty of space, or cool storage spaces or book nook. But even if you have wonderful excess space you can still find it becoming overly cluttered. Or it may just be time for a change or a good spring clean new look!
But once your child has grown out of some books, and then there are the ones that are gathering dust, then they must go to a new home, or a library or a charity shop. Even better to donate to shelters, or places where they can make a difference.
Except there will always be the odd few that stay with you forever, and I mean forever as *you still have them today* and they are the ones your childhood was made from. The good side about keeping these books, apart from the obvious sentimentality, is the fact that one day you could look through them and realise they are now sought after, a vintage book! Wow, now you will never give it away (well, unless it was worth thousands).
I did find myself with a few vintage children's books and I love them on my new bookcase.
What can be better on a bookshelf than old books and new books together.
Why not look through and see if you remember any oldie books, or see if there are any here you still own.


Taking stock.
I think it is important in life to stop and appreciate the things around you. So many times we get caught up in our busy, daily lives that we really can forget how much we have accomplished. We are always striving for the next winning line, and hoping to soar over the next hurdle along the way. If as writers (or anything in life for that matter) you are always being hard on yourself or others, (there is something so negative about people who are too busy being good at spotting the downfalls of others, that they can hardly see their own shortfalls) then just stop for a moment and take stock of exactly what you have achieved so far. Do you write for the love of your family, or the love of writing? does it give you pleasure? then if so you are on the right path to success and or contentedness. Why would you want to come to the end of the journey so quickly? Why would you want to miss out on all the fun, learning, and love along the way? Let your story move in its own way and at its own pace.

If you are able to share your stories or any part of your writing, if one person is reading, or one person knows where you are coming from, then you are going the right way. Enjoy every minute of it, or make the most of every minute for each one brings you to a new understanding.
Writing: always seems impossible until it is done.
 Be what you can, with what you have and at where you are.


Monday, 2 February 2015

From picture books to Kid literature

We can all remember the time when we first got hooked into a book as a child. Where the magic began.
We may still have that book, or still remember the warm feeling it gave us and the memories it evoked when recalling it back to mind. It is like the first album we bought, never to be forgot. We also must remember the books we loved but can't for the life of us remember what the title was, or who the author was. We just liked the story, and still search for it from time to time through google/good reads. That was how I began on the road to the kid literature community. Through searching for children's books, and wondering how hard it may be for children to find the many wonderful books that are out there, that don't even make it to a bookstore.

 Kid Literature Authors come together only last year to bring you a magic treasure trove of children's lit!
Lit as in literature. From bonny picture books, to captivating and enchanting stories that children will want to read again and again.
Being able to read and write is a must needed basic foundation for knowledge and a building block for family values. This propels us as children into a world ready for discovery. With literacy comes a quality of life that can take us to the far ends of the earth without even leaving our own room. Obviously you can go anywhere in your imagination and to have a book at your fingertips literally is an accomplishment in itself, you have the universe in your hands. 
So a simple basic need in primary school children, learning them to read, is in a way like giving them the world.

Then we can combine the ability of reading to children and showing them how to enjoy a story from a picture book. This is better adapted first in the very early years as babies on your lap with a book to look through, the wonderful picture books that start the whole process off. 
But for some of those children who do not have book loving parents or who were never interested in a book and especially in a time where gaming technology is the new must have in today's society, some may ask- do books still have a place in today's modern society? 
When living at a faster paced lifestyle is it all to easy in the short run to just hand them a gaming console to make your life simpler?  ... 
Well of course these games are a blessing surely when they can keep the kids quiet until bedtime. It has to be so much easier to keep them happy and quiet and out of your way. Maybe we need to stop and think that through.
 There is obviously a lot of plus points that come with console or mobile games and with parental supervision and time allowances certain child friendly games can be fun and  creative. But it is the games that require a higher score and that are not the most suitable for children that can cause problems. If any game gets a hold of your child to a point where they show distress symptoms when asked to put them down, or you see a pattern forming where the child is in their own game/mobile world for a lot of the day (maybe even night) and would prefer to interact with this world rather than family outside of it, then that can be a problem that must be avoided. It is so paramount to allow only certain times for these devices and parents/carers need to be vigilant to prevent distress symptoms from occurring in the first place.
 By making more time for children, and showing an enjoyment in whatever activity they are doing, and always listening to them and being encouraging can be the tools to use to avoid this addictive technology slide and often unsocial behaviour in children. Reading and sharing time with your children and showing them the enjoyment of books should be a big part of their life. Books are needed today more than ever for this reason. If they see you read regular, they are more likely to do the same.
Picture books are the key to introduce young children to more of the world. They can travel to the moon/another planet/another country! They can meet creatures and people they may never know about, and also imaginary animals who can speak and other magical things just as examples. This gives them an appetite to pick up books for themselves eventually. Once they get to the age of 7, 8 and up-over  they may want to read to themselves. 
If you have a young reader (6-10 years) who is reluctant to pick up a book after the picture book stage, or finds it a chore, give them the diary of a whimpy kid then later the dork diaries, for examples and they will find fun laughter and enjoyment and then you can introduce them to more in-depth books like Harry Potter, Jacqueline Wilson, to name but 2 in the kids section of the local book store. It is your job as an adult to make going to the bookstore or library a treat! Go on their Birthdays and Christmas, and Easter, and a Weekend! Why even take them on your own Birthday. And as important as that- let them see you reading them, and also picking your own books. When they bring books home from school, if you show a pleasure when looking through the book, then they will pick up on that, and good habits are formed.
As parents and carers these are the basic and very important things we can do for our children. I had always loved reading to children at home and in the classroom, to bring pleasure through books.

                                                                   Kid Literature 

The Kid literature community started soon after a little research online, and then I realised how hard it was for children to actually find some books, especially indie author books. At that time it seems like the people we want to read our books are looking for us blindly in the dark, children who are still getting the hang of the internet, and lets face it would need to possess a debit card to purchase some pocket money priced e-books for their e-readers/kindles.
 So you have to rely on the people who provide and care for children to download them, so then we need them to be able to find us easy. It seemed like a big task.
Initially I wasn't sure what to look up first online, and like everyone else I had to research many topics related to children's books, as well as promoting and marketing books, and the best key words to use, and many other tips along the way. I kept a list of key words and sentences to refer back too whenever I needed to recall anything. We need a sign online directing children with the words, this is the way to children's books you will love that are not at the top of any list.
And because the majority of the time our books are not placed  in the middle of WHSmith  'book of the week' shelf then the challenge gets bigger.

Most indie authors need to be committed and write for enjoyment and satisfaction. If an author gets to do a school visit with their book that is an achievement. You have to know how to promote your book and market it. 
If you find promoting your book a burden then unfortunately it isn't even the slush pile for you. Even on days when only the slush pile will do. No, you will no doubt will give it up as a bad job before long, as you have to at least enjoy writing and always know that anything else is a bonus.
 Kid Literature came about through the constant dedication and passion for getting more books into the hands of children, amazing books that may never sadly reach them. And to also make children's literacy popular again for everyone and any age.
Kid Literature has a never waning passion for literature and letting everyone know the importance of showing children the enjoyment of  reading.

So the passion grew and we branched out into the twitteraci. 
A community of united-singing-from-the-same-song-sheet people, had no hesitation  in helping build up their group and before long Kid literature was on many other social media sites  online.
It is wonderful to bring authors together and lift spirits, offer moral support for those who have never even written a word but had always dreamed of writing, right through to the successful author.
On twitter we enjoy promoting every kind of creative person, many of your lovely stories and  illustrations, and your idea's, and tips and review feedback. We show articles relating to all forms of literature and we promote up to Young Adult books.

We want to sprinkle the magic about a bit more, right into the hands of children.
 To bring out their enchantment of reading and the wonder of a picture in a book that can inspire many little minds into great minds.  inspire, to make someone want to say read it again! When we hear the magic words, read it again! we know we have achieved so much. So much as parents, carers, teachers and creative inspiring people who decided to put one word in front of another. 
On twitter you will notice us with the handle @kidliterature and the hashtags #kidlit #kidliterature  #amwriting #Mondayblogs 

Facebook links are to be found at the top of this page, as is the founder's page and other social media links.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Are you meant to be a writer?

If you didn't have anything to say, you wouldn't even think about writing, but you do have something to say, and you know it, so should you keep moving forward?

Because you were meant to be a writer.
 You are only interested in what writers have to say and those who love books. You can't understand anyone who does not read and gets thrills from even the sight of a new book. So you stick with your own species. If you’re a writer, you get inspired, but you also have to take advantage of that inspiration. Go with the flow of your pen or keypad once inspiration hits.
It can get weary when you find yourself always reminding those who interrupt you when working that you write.
 “I have to write” you say a lot to your friends and family. The ones who wonder when you will get a proper job. 

If you’re a new writer, you may not know where to start, or what is the best thing to do, maybe you will go round in circles until it all wears you out.
But If you have to write, you have to write.
If you are inspired to write a novel, then start today. Don’t wait for when you are ready, you are ready today! Even if it is just idea's, odd words jotted down,crazy sentences in the wrong order. Then there is the  messy handwriting notes, (Will you ever remember what they mean when you go back to them?) mad ramblings! Actually this is when you know you are going to write! Start and do it today! 
You really want people to listen to your words, the way you love reading other people's words!
Get it out there today, that little nagging voice always niggling away, and if nothing else, you will be able to relax once all the words that form little sentences then stories are on paper and out of your head!

Make a difference first to yourself, and then to others; yes today! 
  Writing is never a straight path, and when you find what works for you then you are off with the flow! But about that path... it can trip you up.
Then you can learn to look for the other paths too! They are also fun to walk or climb onto, even if at first they seem a little rocky. -Words by Karen Emma Hall

Sunday, 18 January 2015

To be a writer all you have to do is not quit.

 Have you got what it takes to have a book published? Do not be put off if you are only writing for your own hobby pleasure. This is what will actually keep you going on the days when you may feel like giving up. So this is a very good reason for writing initially, you must love writing.
 What you do need to know is how to present your work in the most professional manner possible. While nothing can guarantee that your book will be published, check out all guidelines available for publishing a book beforehand.
 Write, and then write some more. If you haven't written anything yet, now is a good time to start, a few sentences each day will lead onto a few pages before you know it. Just keep writing, anything. Editors are interested in professional finished products. If you're a new writer, editors want to be sure that you have what it takes, unique idea's combined with discipline skill,to not only complete a full-length book, but to edit and be able to change and take things out when needed. Once you have finished your first write up then the work really begins.

 Know your audience. What is your book about? Who is the intended readership? What age range? Illustrated, children's, young adult, adult fiction. These are questions an editor will ask; being able to answer them will help you choose an appropriate publisher. If your book is a novel, to what genre or category does it belong? Make sure you have one particular genre and then learn that market well. Research it.

 Research the market. Publishers do not just want you to email them to say will you be interested in my book, Instead, they want you to find the right publisher for your book. Find out who produces books like yours. Browse your local bookstore, and make a list of publishers who offer books in your category. If you're writing a children's book, for example, note who publishes books for the same age group or of the same type (e.g, picture, thriller, mystery).

 Do your homework. Look up promising publishers in the current Writer's Market or Literary Market Place in the library reference section. There, you'll find the publisher's address and the editor to contact. Specialised market books are also available for poetry, novels and short stories, children's books, romances, mysteries, and science fiction. Writer's Market also tells you what a publishing company is buying, its rates, and how to approach the editor. For example, some publishers want to see your entire manuscript, others want a query letter outlining your story idea, and still others want a book proposal and a chapter outline. Some accept unsolicited manuscripts; others only accept books from agents. If you need more information, write or call the publisher to request writer's guidelines.

 Prepare your manuscript. These days, editors won't even look at a manuscript that isn't prepared professionally. Print your manuscript on high-quality white paper. Get someone else to overlook your work. Get it proof-read. Double-space your manuscript and leave a 1-inch margin on all sides. Number your pages. Check your spelling  Don't mix fonts, and don't overuse boldface or italics or exclamation marks, try not to repeat words too often too close together.
 Submit your package. Always send the editor exactly what is requested. When emailing manuscripts, go over exactly what they ask for, if they want the first three chapters, then that is what you send, or the first 1000 words, or even just the synopsis. If you are mailing a large manuscript, use a manuscript box. Address it to the correct person, check and use names of the person.
 Include a large stamped, self-addressed envelope.

The waiting game. It may take up to several months or longer to hear anything at all. Longer for entire manuscripts. Because of this reason it is  acceptable to submit your manuscript to more than one publisher at a time. Make sure, however, that each is open to "simultaneous submissions."

 Keep going with the writing While waiting for a response to your first manuscript, get started on your next. Or, build your portfolio with articles, short stories, or other material that will put forward your skills. Start up or keep up your social media platform.

Don't give up. If your manuscript doesn't find a home right away, and nine times out of ten it will not, you just keep trying. Don't take rejection personally; sometimes you are just not in the right time at the right place. just move on to the next publisher on your list. Often it takes time, effort, and many submissions to get published. Successful writers are those who don't quit. The very act of putting your book, article, story or poem on paper places it under your copyright. You can formally declare copyright ownership by typing the words "Copyright, the year and your name on the first or title page of your manuscript You can also substitute the copyright symbol for the word "copyright." It is not necessary to register your work with the Copyright Office to protect it.

Should I get an agent? This depends to a great degree on what type of book you are submitting. Often, you do not need an agent to submit a nonfiction book to a publisher. Check the publisher's requirements first. If you find that a large percentage of the publishers in your chosen genre or subject area require agents, then you should look for an agent first.

Should I publish my book myself? With today's electronic publishing technology, it has become easy and relatively inexpensive to produce your own book. Well-targeted nonfiction books often do well; self-published fiction, however, is very difficult to market. Unless you're experienced in graphic design, it's wise to hire a professional to produce a quality product.
Be aware that self-publishing means more than getting your book printed. It also involves marketing, advertising, distribution, and sales which means setting yourself up as a small business, with all the tax and accounting responsibilities that entails.

Is it better to self-publishing or go with a vanity publishing house? Vanity presses take your money, bound to you to a lot of rights, take others from you, and give you little in return. If you're willing to pay money to have your book published, do it yourself so that you can retain full control over the process, the rights, and the proceeds. For more information on vanity publishing, see
 Publishing it yourself means you get all the satisfaction, all the money, and you are not bound by certain elements and rules. Self-publishing in itself is a whole new business for you to research, it can be very hard to get your social media platform going but also very rewarding if you are dedicated and strict with yourself and have the passion to keep it up.
remember,  a well-written, interesting, original manuscript is what you need, to take it forward in self-publishing, or to a publishers. Even before you think of sales there is so much to do. most of all, ask yourself, so you have the passion and commitment? Do you have skills in writing an original manuscript?
A last word for writers, do not give up at first hurdles, all of those famous authors are only famous because they did not give up. Remember to write because you like to, expect nothing in return and you will be rewarded, surprised or more one day!

                                                           Written by Karen Emma Hall

Monday, 15 December 2014

Magical Christmas Past Present and future

50 of some of the Best Children's  Christmas Books
  1. The Night Before the Night Before Christmas
  2. The Polar Express
  3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  4. A Wish to Be A Christmas Tree
  5. Merry Christmas, Stinky Face
  6. Charlie and the Christmas Kitty
  7. Reindeer Christmas
  8. A Bad Kitty Christmas
  9. The Berenstain Bears Get Ready for Christmas
  10. The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book
  11. Snowmen at Christmas
  12. Danny Dozer’s Perfect Christmas Tree
  13. God Gave Us Christmas
  14. The Christmas Story
  15. I Spy Christmas: A Book of Picture Riddles
  16. Llama Llama Holiday Drama
  17. Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Book Ever!
  18. Santa’s Favorite Story: Santa Tells the Story of the First Christmas
  19. A Christmas Carol
  20. Christmas in Camelot (Magic Tree House, No. 29)
  21. The Christmas Owl
  22. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad
  23. Light of Christmas
  24. A Pirate’s Twelve Days of Christmas
  25. Christmas Cookies: Bite-Size Holiday Lessons
  26. Disney Princesses Sing-Along Christmas Songs
  27. How Santa Got His Job
  28. Bear Stays Up for Christmas
  29. Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Christmas Deluxe Ed
  30. Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story
  31. The Littlest Elf
  32. The Wild Christmas Reindeer
  33. Christmas in the Manger
  34. Mortimer’s Christmas Manger
  35. One Little Christmas Tree: A Children’s Christmas Picture Book
  36. Christmas Tapestry
  37. Stick Man
  38. Jingle Bells
  39. Clifford’s Christmas
  40. The Christmas Wish
  41. Twas the Night Before Christmas: Edited by Santa Claus for the Benefit of Children of the 21st Century
  42. Christmas in the Trenches
  43. The Legend of the Candy Cane
  44. The Night Before Christmas Pop-up
  45. The Nativity
  46. The Nutcracker Ballet: A Book, Theater, and Paper Doll Fold-out Play Set
  47. Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve?
  48. Junie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May.)
  49. The Nightmare Before Christmas: 20th Anniversary Edition
  50. Humphrey’s First Christmas
A sheet to print out and make your own snowman picture! 

Magical Christmas Past Present and future. 

Someday at Christmas men won't be boys Playing                                                            
 bombs like kids play with toys.

Memories are brought back so easy when you play the songs that were played to you as a child.
I received Motown at Christmas album and The Partridge family Christmas album the year Santa brought me a record player. I played them over and over, especially 'Someday at Christmas', and 'One little Christmas tree' by Stevie Wonder.
Every year I will get them out and dust them down. This year they are still brought out, (In fact it was this morning) no need to dust them off these days as it is all digitally mastered, and with one magic click the oldies of yesteryear are brought back into the living room, bringing with it the Christmas's of past. 

My Friends were listening to Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' about that time, and Boney M's 'Mary's Boy Child', closely followed by the classic Wham's 'Last Christmas' and Shakin Stevens (aging rocker wears denim, Elvis look about him) with 'Merry Christmas everyone'!
 (I haven't heard it in every shop like usual from Halloween onward is probably because I actually shopped more online this year than previously, due to one of us or the other in our household being poorly.
 Now that I have said that, it will no doubt be the very first song I hear upon setting foot into the forums and malls this week.  
I was all Motown and Partridge family. I loved those songs long before I was  aware David Cassidy or Stevie Wonder were popular.

So what does Christmas mean to you?
It meant family time to me as a young child. 
I put that question to my children and their views are similar to mine as a child. 
Children's views are mainly molded from their own experiences, still young enough to be influenced largely by your parents/guardians and surroundings they grown up in.
My youngest told me that her best friend celebrates Christmas going to church most of the day, and her other best friend (you can have more than one bestie apparently) thinks Christmas is no big deal and doesn't really celebrate Christmas time.
She wanted my opinions on that. 
How to put it into words. 
My thoughts were along these lines - Christmas is celebrated so many different ways to some, and not at all to others. Which is right?
Well the plain simple answer is if it feels right to that person, then that way is the right way. 
Do we have the monopoly to tell someone how or even whether to celebrate at all? Certainly not in my opinion. I don't think society should dictate 'this is the done way and any other way is wrong' or feed us information to brainwash us one way or another. Let us be happy, let us celebrate, or not. Let it be our choice.

They say Christmas has the highest suicide rates, because a lot of people feel alone more at this time of year, and see no way out. A time where some have lost loved ones, or don't know where the next meal is coming from. I'm not talking about the Victorian ages here. You could be forgiven for thinking the Victorian age has caught up with us in some ways. Society is more aware of the poor needing care and support these days and not just through the media, but through living it. It isn't just happening to someone else, it is happening to your good friend, or neighbour or you. 
True richness comes not from your income but your outcome, your own out put of a smile or a gesture to offer support or care. Whether it be a kind word on the internet, or a smile to your neighbour or a positive step in getting in touch with someone you have not heard from, for one reason or another. 
Giving a kindness.
It goes a long way, and is the only real richness a person can accomplish and be worthy of. 

So today Christmas* or whatever word you want to put there in its place. means to me, the well-being of mankind.
If the vast amount of worldly resources that were put into wars were instead used and 'put' the opposite way, to obtain a more harmonising equality existence, then would that mean living in standards somewhere along the lines of world peace? Well as near as harmony would have it, you can bet. 

                                   A world were men are free*

                                   maybe not in time for you and me, but someday....

                                  I hope.

                                 I hope it is in our time.